The Reservoirs

The Barrow Gurney Reservoirs encompass three concrete lined water storage tanks straddling either side of the A38. Owned by Bristol Water plc, the tanks hold the drinking water from sources such as neighbouring Chew Valley and Blagdon Lake, prior to is purification in the nearby treatment beds (south of tank no.3.) The water is then piped towards the city of Bristol. Bristol Water also stock the Reservoirs with both Brown and Rainbow trout for fishing.

Being concrete lined, the tanks hold little interest to species of Wader – the only emarginate vegetation and mud is exposed during severe droughts, or when the tanks are purposely drained for maintenance work. However, the 125 acres of surface water is a magnet for a variety of water birds such as Wildfowl, Gulls, Terns etc.

There are patches of woodland surrounding the tanks, as well as several streams and fields, boasting a variety of species.

[image+link: Recording Area] [image+link: Recording Birds] [image+link: Comprehensive list]

Birdwatching is permitted around all three reservoirs, but a permit must be purchased and carried at all times when on site. Permits can be purchased from Woodford Lodge:

Recreations Department
Woodford Lodge
Chew Stoke
Bs40 8XH
Woodford Lodge: 01275 332339
BW Operations Room (24hr): 0117 9665881

2011 BW permit prices are as follows:



Also, take a look at the article published in Birdwatching magazine in January 2012 (XX,XX) about the Reservoir below:

[image: magazine page]

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